How to do May Day

We went on the May Day march in London yesterday. It was midweek so numbers were low and as expected, it was pretty much the usual suspects marching along the route from Clerkenwell to Trafalgar Square. However, we did manage to shift a fair few copies of the Stirrer and gave the new South Essex Working Class Action banner an airing.

Of considerably more interest was the Precarious Workers Bloc march after the rally which numbered around 100. This march was in solidarity with UVW members about to be balloted for strike action at Ministry of (In-)Justice, UVW members fighting for equality at King’s college, BECTU members fighting for a living wage at Picturehouse, BFAWU members on strike for a living wage at McDonald’s and Unite members about to strike for fair tips at TGI Friday’s!

Sadly we couldn’t stay the pace for the whole event as the comrade on the other end of the banner crocked her knee:( Despite this, we came away from that action feeling pretty positive. The reason being that apart from a few faces we knew, most of the people on that action were a) young and b) we’d never seen any of them before. So, despite all of the ructions within anarchism at the moment, there are some glimmers of hope for the future as a new layer of activists are emerging:)