Review: Labour – a party fit for imperialism

For those of our readers who wonder why we put so much time and energy into putting the boot into Labour, we recommend that you read this book – once you’ve read it, all will become clear!

Robert Clough – second edition
Order the book from here:

A lot of radicals I’ve spoken to have bemoaned what they regard as the passiveness of the working class in Britain relative to continental Europe. There’s no point in just moaning about this – we have to get to what’s causing this passivity and do whatever it takes to remove it.

Over the years, I’ve read various pieces and the occasional book about how the ruling class in this country have, to date, always managed to throw enough crumbs at the upper sections of the working class to dissuade them from open revolt when things get bad. The ruling class have more often than not been able to successfully implement a policy of divide and rule by demonising the lower sections of the working class as feckless scroungers – a tactic that is willingly carried out by an overwhelmingly…

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Our ground rules for 2018

This has been written in a spirit of transparency so people have a reasonably clear idea of what to expect from us as we go through 2018…

As we’ve written previously, 2018 has the potential to be a volatile and unpredictable year where we will have to be on our mettle: Looking back and looking forwards We’re writing this piece in the spirit of openness so people can know what to expect from us over the coming year. It covers who we ally ourselves and network with. It also covers what we do in a bid to try and try to get people to have more realistic expectations of what we can offer.

It’s not much of a secret that the anarchist movement is in what can best be described as a state of flux at the moment. Until matters are resolved, we’re reviewing our relationships with anarchist groups. In the interim, we want to look at who we do form alliances with, and what those alliances are like.


We’re not empire…

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