About us

The SOUTH ESSEX STIRRER is a project aimed at bringing radical, alternative media to people across the south of Essex. The project is run by a couple of people who used to be in the Independent Working Class Association (IWCA) and who were also behind the now defunct South Essex Heckler.

We make no secret of our radical and anarchist leanings. These inform how we cover local issues – however, we try and refrain from using political terminology and do our level best not to come across as preachy in any way, shape or form! Basically, we believe that real change leading to a more equitable, just and saner world will not come from putting a cross in a box on a ballot paper every few years. It’s only by people getting stuck in at grassroots level in their communities, workplaces and colleges, building and linking up from there to create a progressive, pro-working class movement that any meaningful change can come about.

We would love it if any of you who share our political outlook, live anywhere across the south of Essex and are involved in a local campaign or feel you have something to say, could contribute to this blog. The aim is to make this project as inclusive as possible – so it’s over to you…

Getting in touch

If you want to contact The SOUTH ESSEX STIRRER, this is the e-mail address to use: seradicalmedia@protonmail.com Apologies for having to cut and paste but a live link would attract too much in the way of pointless spam…

Social Media

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/southessexradmedia/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/SthEssRadMedia