Given what we’ve already written about the Amazon facility at Tilbury: Are Amazon digging a hole for themselves at Tilbury? – and: Dark, Satanic warehouses… – – we feel these reports from workers at Amazon’s facility in Hemel Hempstead offer some interesting insights into the operation, the dynamic among the workforce and the potential to take on Amazon in a fight for better conditions…

Angry Workers of the World

Inside Amazon

With our series of Amazon workers’ reports [1] we hope to not provide yet another sad victim story of how Amazon turns humans into semi-robots. We leave this to the mainstream media. We want to dismantle the myth of Amazon being the all-powerful and well-organised global giant. We want to support the small but important efforts to turn Amazon’s international structure into the basis for a global exchange and coordination of workers:

We want to use the reports to address workers around us. We have to do this face-to-face and for this aim we have written and distributed leaflets at Amazon Hemel Hempstead this winter. We spoke to workers at the company bus stops in west London in the morning and with Amazon workers at the warehouse:

Two of our friends wrote reports after working at the Hemel Hempstead FC. Feel free to circulate them and to get…

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