The highest stakes with our money!

SKIPP press release (15-01-18)

Has Southend Council got a gambling addiction? After years of gambling with millions of tax payers money on the proposed seafront museum, they are staying in for yet another hand with a high stakes bet of £1.3 million on new architects for the proposed carbuncle; which has no backers from wherever they have looked for them. Now this! £750,000 for the Queensway proposal where again there is no assurance that any more money will be forthcoming from whatever sources. Trouble is they are gambling with OUR money.

And who wants to get rid of the Porters Grange roundabout anyway? Tony Cox says he has listened to complaints about it but these involve the underpass and the lack of safe pedestrian crossing. No one wants another fouled up junction like Victoria Gateway!

Well maybe John Lamb and the council do. It has also been noted that traffic to the east will no longer be going through Queensway putting unacceptable and unnecessary pressure on Priory Crescent. Is this another attempt to dual Priory Crescent? This was and always will be a rejected idea of astronomical cost because another railway bridge would be compulsory. If Victoria Gateway worked properly these foolish ideas would not arise.

From Saxon King In Priory Park


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