This is the text of a leaflet aimed at Amazon workers in Hertfordshire and West London so not all of what’s written will be applicable for the situation at the Amazon facility in Tilbury. However, it’s a sign that workers who’ve had enough of their treatment by Amazon are starting to organise and fightback. This is something we hope will happen at Tilbury as well. We’re seriously thinking about producing a flyer aimed at Amazon workers in Tilbury for early next year…

Angry Workers of the World

original-4501-1402615262-11Amazon workers in Hemel Hempstead and Amazon Flex workers in West London: Let‘s learn from the struggles of our colleagues in Italy, Germany and Poland!

Click here for PDF version: AmazonBW

It‘s peak season and work sucks the life out of us. The media presents us as victims, losing the competition with Amazon‘s robots. That sucks too. We can show them that we are no victims.

In Hemel Hempstead we have many problems:

* The picking target of 120 is too high, and it‘s raining verbal and written warnings. Management makes temp workers hit higher targets for the season, and then makes the regulars reach those targets throughout the whole year. ‘Power Hour’?! – No, thanks!

* PMP and Adecco pay low. They advertise £10 an hour, but you have to kill yourself with overtime to get it. Some guys work 60 hours plus. The more hours we work per…

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