Thurrock Council taking the p**s with flytipping letters

Here’s a classic case of Thurrock Council not being able to tell the difference between their arse and their elbow: Council apologises after sending letters demanding cash to clean up fly-tipping Okay, we know that the council have since claimed that the letters sent to residents in the London Road area of Grays were sent out in error but, when you look into the issue, they’re still taking the p**s…

The older areas of Grays have a fair few alleyways that will act as a magnet for fly-tippers. Taking rubbish to a site such as Buckingham Hill for disposal can be an expensive business and that leads the more unscrupulous elements in the area to conclude that fly-tipping is the best option for them. You only have to take a cursory tour around the back streets of rays or the country lanes to the east of Tilbury to see that fly-tipping is a big problem in Thurrock.

In the news item linked to above the leader of Thurrock Council, Cllr. Rob Gledhill (Con) stated: “However land owners are responsible for clearing their own land, and unadopted areas – such as some alleyways – are in general the responsibility of surrounding land owners”.

There are a few things that Gledhill needs to be made aware of… Firstly, it’s not always the case that the person residing at the address the letters were sent to would be the owner of the property. In the London Road area, a fair number of properties are rented so it’s the landlord that needs to be targeted. Even when the resident owns the property, the scale of the fly-tipping is beyond the capacity of most people to clear without professional help and equipment. Sure they could organise a community clean up but when it comes to convincing the orange hi-vis clad jobsworth at the tip that they’re not a commercial operation, they might just experience a few problems!

The point is that Thurrock Council have been made aware of the flytipping in the London Road area and should have had enough awareness of the problem to not send out the letters to residents in the first place. Actually getting down to the area and talking face to face to the residents whose lives have been blighted by this fly-tipping would give the council a fuller, more accurate picture of the issue. It can be the local councillor and / or council officials doing this – the point is that face to face contact is more likely to lead to a solution than sending out arsey letters. However, this would require a massive change in the culture of the council so they become more open, transparent and accountable. Somehow, we don’t think that’s going to happen this side of a major political and social transformation…

Last but by no means least, there are the scumbag fly-tippers themselves who have no concept of, and responsibility to, the community they operate in. Sadly, they are a reflection of the atomised society we have to endure where individualism is ranked higher than community solidarity and having any sense of responsibility to the neighbourhood you live in…


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