The next paper will be…

As much as we’d love to keep the momentum going with the Stirrer paper, with the political situation being so unpredictable and volatile at the moment, it’s difficult to write, layout and print a paper without the sodding thing being outdated by ‘events’ while it’s on the way back from being printed! We’ve made the decision to postpone production of the next Stirrer paper until the autumn when we might have a better idea of the political landscape we’re operating in. This edition will be ready in time for distribution at the London Anarchist Bookfair that’s taking place on Saturday 28th October.

What we will be doing in the meantime is to bring out another paper – The Estuary ALTERNATIVE which aims to report on and support grassroots community projects out here along the estuary. We’ve already set up a blog for this which is admittedly, still a work in progress: The content of The Estuary ALTERNATIVE will be more generic which means the distribution of the paper can be spread out over a few months without any fears of the content being outdated by fast moving events. Unlike the Stirrer which as its name suggests, is about stirring and agitation, The Estuary ALTERNATIVE is about efforts to start building a new world in the decaying, fracturing shell of the increasingly dystopian one we have to currently endure. Watch this space for developments…


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