Initial reaction…

Well, it looks as though we have a hung parliament: Election results live: Theresa May under fire as hung parliament confirmed As things stand, it’s difficult to see how a government is going to be formed. Whatever government is cobbled together as a result of shady backroom dealing, they will have little in the way of legitimacy.

Constitutional and political chaos has arrived and could well delay the start of the Brexit talks that are due to start later on this month. There is already talk of another election in a bid to clarify things – in other words, keep voting until the powers that be get the result they want! The one thing the City and the financial sector hate is instability – well, they’ve got that big time! The pound has already plummeted in reaction to the election result – if it stays down as the constitutional chaos develops, that will impact on the economy and inflation. The financial sector and the security establishment will be desperate for some kind of stability sooner rather than later, regardless of how it’s achieved. Suffice to say, we live in interesting, challenging and potentially dangerous times…

Obviously, the production of the next print edition of The South Essex Stirrer is on hold until we get a firmer idea of how the political landscape we operate in will shape up. Needless to say, whatever content does go in will be generic in nature as opposed to newsy – we don’t want to be saddled with hundreds of out of date papers as a result of fast moving political developments!

What is a concern is that if there is another election in the next few months, the time and energies of a lot of activists will be sucked into another push to get Corbyn’s Labour party elected to government. That in our view would be a waste of time and energy that should be going into grassroots campaigning on the estates, in the workplace, on the campuses, in our neighbourhoods and last but by no means least, out on the streets…


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