Stirrer distribution completed today

Distribution of the first print edition of the Stirrer was completed today at The Railway where we replenished the pile of papers we left there last weekend after the Southend Radical Fair. We then marked the occasion with a celebratory drink in the beer garden:)

We’re pencilling the next edition of the Stirrer for around the end of June once the election is over and it’s clear what kind of political landscape we’ll be operating in. Yes, we know it will be dire but we want to know just how bad it will be so we can tailor the content accordingly! After this, there will be one more print edition this year which will be in October in time for the London Anarchist bookfair.

What we want to do with the June edition is change the way we distribute the paper so we make sure more copies get into the right hands. We’re cutting back on the door-to-door distributions and instead will be going for a combination of high street distributions and looking out for more more venues sympathetic to our politics who’ll be willing to take bundles of the paper for their patrons. We’d also like those who support us to take a bundle of papers for their friends, neighbours, family and colleagues. Any help with the above from our supporters will be greatly appreciated…


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