One law for our rulers…another for the rest of us…

In the least surprising piece of news we’ve heard today, the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) have announced they will not be bringing criminal charges against fourteen Tory MPs who were being investigated for breaching rules on election expenses during the 2015 general election: Tory Election Fraud Claims: CPS Announces No Criminal Charges Against 14 MPs At the time of writing, a decision to charge Craig MacKinlay, the MP for South Thanet has yet to be made.

What can we say? Well, given how prickly, sensitive and potentially litigatious our political masters are and taking into consideration how skint we are, and that we don’t want the grief of being sued for libel, there’s sod all we can say about the specifics of this investigation. What we can say is that this is yet another instance that adds to the feeling that the system is rigged in favour of the elite while the rest of us get screwed over and fed a load of bullshit from a media that is biased towards the right.

In a more chilling move, one of the fourteen Tory MPs not being prosecuted by the CPS, Karl McCartney, has called on “those who lead the Electoral Commission” to resign, or face MPs’ “wrath”. This is how HuffPost UK reported what McCartney had to say: Tory Expenses Scandal: MP Threatens To Help Abolish Electoral Commission For ‘Witch-Hunt’ The chilling part is when McCartney says that if the leadership of the Electoral Commission don’t step down, he’ll do his level best to see that it gets abolished.

So if MPs in the governing party don’t like an institution that tries to hold them to account, they’ll do whatever they can to abolish it… If that’s not a wake up call to alert people to the fact we’re sliding towards a one party state with authoritarian tendencies, we don’t know what is. On the the subject of one party states and the compliant media outlets that do their bidding, it’ll be an interesting exercise to see how the CPS backing out of prosecuting the fourteen Tory MPs is covered over the next few days.

Quite simply, as we seem to be sliding inexorably towards an authoritarian one party state, it’s a case of one law for our rulers and another for the rest of us plebs. That’s if we let them get away with it. People have a choice of either sucking up the crap a largely right wing media comes out with and tamely marching to the polls on June 8th to give a mandate to an authoritarian government or starting to ask some serious questions about the direction we’re going in. Once people start to wake up to the reality of what’s going on and ask the questions that need to be asked, there’s the option of lobbing a spanner in the works to show our disgust at the people who claim to be our leaders by making the country ungovernable…


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