Accident & Emergency departments under threat

As a result of continuing austerity, the NHS in mid and south Essex is set to lose £450m by 2020. The plans for the re-organisation that this loss will trigger have been named by some twisted joker as the “Success Regime”.

Part of the plan is to close two out of three Accident & Emergency units in the region so that they no longer take what Dr. Ronan Fenton, Medical Director of the Mid/South Essex “Success Regime” defines as “serious and life threatening cases”. The three hospitals under threat are Basildon, Chelmsford and Southend. Whichever hospital ends up with the only fully functioning A&E department in the region will have to cope with three times as many serious cases as they do at present. When you think of the issues that hospitals in the region have already had and the number of black alerts that have been declared, the future looks pretty grim.

The three hospitals under threat are in a region where the population is increasing. As the population increases, traffic levels will also increase. So regardless of where the only fully functioning A&E department ends up, journey times will be lengthened. In a medical emergency, a difference of a few minutes in the times it takes an ambulance to get to a hospital can be a matter of life or death. Leaving a region with a growing population and increasing levels of traffic congestion with just one A&E is going to cost lives.

There is a campaign to stop these callous, life threatening closures and hold those proposing them to account. Here are the links with information on how you can get involved:


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