The Stirrer is back from the printer!

The first print edition of The South Essex Stirrer has come back from the printer and we’re now planning the distribution. As ever, many thanks to our friends at Oxford GreenPrint for a superb job. The Stirrer has a unique selling point for a political paper in these times – absolutely no election coverage! The papers were on their way pack to us when May announced the general election for June 8th. No worries as the articles in the paper on housing, Brexit and community control of parks are still relevant, election or no election…

Obviously, with the dissolution of Parliament on Wednesday 3rd May and the start of serious election campaigning, we want to shift the Stirrers as swiftly as possible to avoid getting caught up with all the crap coming through people’s letterboxes. So if you live anywhere across the southern part of Essex, broadly support our anarchist politics and want to take a bundle of papers to hand out to friends, neighbours, colleagues, family, etc. let us know and we’ll sort out a way of getting them to you. Alternatively, if you run or know of a venue that’s sympathetic to our politics and want to take a bundle of papers for the patrons, get in touch and we’ll get them to you.

After being put into a position where we had no option but to walk away from having anything to do with the Southend Radical Fair on May 6th and losing the South Essex Heckler in the process (the Heckler e-mail was on the flyers and posters promoting the fair!) we feel that we’re on our way back, albeit trading under a new name. The last few months haven’t been easy and a lot of lessons have been and are continuing to be learned. The thing is we’re back with a new, more focused, somewhat spikier paper and blog – hopefully, it’s onwards and upwards from here…


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