The privileged, contemptuous, sneering faces of class hatred…

On the evening of Tuesday 4th April, there was a protest outside the Property Developer Awards held at the Grosvenor House hotel on Park Lane: Property developers left in no doubt as to what we think of them

During the course of the protest, the three individuals shown above decided to come out for a quick fag break and a sneer at the protesters before embarking on their sumptuous meal and awards ceremony that had a price tag of £10,000 per table. That’s more than a fair number of the protesters get in income in a sodding year!

What you see in the above image is the privileged, contemptuous, sneering face of class hatred. Note one of them was filming us for on their smartphone for later amusement… The three scumbags in the above image got away with this because at that point in the proceedings, there was a solid line of cops between us and them.

These are the kind of people who think nothing of demolishing the estates, pubs, cafes and shops that form the fabric of life for working class and marginalised communities in London to make way for apartment developments that are unaffordable for anyone who’s not a high earner. These are the kind of people who are playing an active part in the social cleansing of London which as we’ve written before, has a direct and detrimental effect on the housing situation all the way out along the estuary: The housing domino effect…

These people are our direct class enemies… Their mates in the right wing media happily do their bidding in sowing the seeds of divide and rule, demonising everyone from migrants and asylum seekers through to benefit claimants. The knuckledraggers on the far right act as their useful idiots as they amplify the messages of (misplaced) blame and hatred.

Ignore the crap coming from the divide and rule merchants who want to split us along the lines of race and creed and have us blaming and fighting each other – the people shown above are the real enemy…


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