The first print edition of The Stirrer has been sent to the printer

The first edition of The Stirrer has just been sent off to our friends at Oxford GreenPrint for printing. Distribution will be taking place at selected locations across the southern part of Essex. This will be a mix of high street distributions, door-to-door and finding any sympathetic venues who are willing to take small bundles of the paper for their patrons.

If you want to join us on a high street distribution, let us know and we can sort something out – the first one will most likely be in Southend sometime in early May. Alternatively, if you want to take a small bundle of papers for distribution to friends, colleagues, neighbours and family, get in touch and we’ll sort out a way of getting them to you. Also, if you know of any venues that would be happy to take a supply of radical papers for their patrons, let us know who they are and we’ll get them there. We will be leaving small bundles of The Stirrer at the London Action Resource Centre and the Freedom Bookshop (both in Whitechapel) for our London comrades as well.

It would be all too easy to just stick with this blog but readers of this blog generally tend to be a self selecting audience. What we want to do with the paper is to try and reach people who wouldn’t normally seek out our blog. Also, we’re a bit old school and we still love the look and feel of a rabble rousing political paper!

As we can only afford a modest print run to be distributed in a limited number of locations, we’re making the first edition of The Stirrer available as a downloadable PDF:


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