A few thoughts on Brexit…

Article 50 has been triggered and the process of the UK exiting the EU is underway. We’re entering a period of political instability which will doubtless by accompanied by economic dislocation as the Brexit process unfolds. There’s the distinct possibility that the start of the break up of the UK is also underway. We really are living in ‘interesting times’!

Let’s be clear, in reality, the EU referendum last year was a ‘choice’ about which faction of the ruling elite we ‘want’ to have running our lives for the benefit of big business. The point is we don’t want our lives to be run by either Brussels or Westminster if we end up being seen as nothing more than production units to be exploited and discarded at will. While the politics of the referendum and its aftermath was undoubtedly a fascinating spectacle, let’s not be deceived that it was anything other than a false choice between two shite options.

Here are just a few examples of how the EU basically screws people over… Firstly, there’s the continuing imposition of a level of austerity on Greece that can only be described as barbaric. Then there’s the trade ‘agreements’ with African countries that allow for the dumping of heavily subsidised EU produced food into Africa, undermining the ability of local producers to export their products. Also, how could we not mention the negotiations for the now thankfully defunct Trans-Atlantic Trade & Investment Partnership which were conducted under high levels of secrecy with no meaningful transparency. If this deal had gone through, it would have given major corporations the right to sue governments if policies that impacted their operations were implemented.

As for the alternative, Theresa May’s grovelling to Trump on her visit to the US earlier on this year was stomach churning and a signal of utter desperation. Effectively becoming the 51st state of the US with all that entails in letting the major corporations have even more power over our lives is not an option. Nor is turning into a low welfare tax haven servicing the global super rich an option either. The powers that be need to be aware that this is not what many people who voted for Brexit want.

We argue that neither Brussels or Westminster are wanted in our lives and the option of becoming the 51st state of the US in all but name is unacceptable. We need to reject all of these and start fighting for a more just, sane and sustainable world where the mass of people working together are genuinely in control of their destinies. That fight starts now – if we can get our act together, there’s everything to gain…


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