The start of the slippery slope…

This profoundly disturbing piece from Novara Media has been brought to our attention: Homelessness Charities and Local Councils are Helping Immigration Teams Deport EU Rough Sleepers The upshot is there’s an expectation that homeless charities will assist Home Office immigration enforcement teams in gathering information on where homeless rough sleepers from the EU are located. This is so the rough sleepers can be rounded up and deported…

If grassing up homeless rough sleepers from the EU to the Home Office immigration goons isn’t an abuse of ‘charitable’ status, ***k knows what is. These rough sleepers are being demonsied by the authorities (with the willing help of their mates in the right wing media) to the point where they’re dehumanised in the eyes of the public who end up not giving a s**t about what happens to them because they’re ‘foreign’. Doubtless, the seeds of divide and rule are being sown among the homeless with the ‘indigenous’ being quietly encouraged to grass up the ‘foreign’. If you want to know what creeping fascism looks like, this is it as the sweeping away of those whose only crime is to fall on hard times and become homeless is normalised and seen as acceptable.

Bear in mind that EU migrants don’t have automatic rights to benefits. If they’ve come over to work in warehouses, food processing plants and the like on short term or zero hours contracts and are precariously living in cramped accommodation rented out by unscrupulous landlords, it only takes a short period of not being able to find work and falling behind on the rent before they’re out on the streets without a safety net. That’s what you get in a parasitic economy that has an increasingly voracious appetite for cheap, flexible, easily exploitable labour and doesn’t give a stuff about the social consequences of this.

We’d like to think that homeless charities and groups in our area wouldn’t be party to this kind of grassing up of any homeless not from these shores. Having said this, we’re aware of a certain group in Basildon who have members who would enthusiastically embrace this agenda. This image from Linda Allport-Hodge of UKIP (screen shot before she deleted it!) shows one of their ‘campaigners’ standing a mere two yards away from the white supremacist scum of the British Movement (they’re holding the flag with the sunwheel symbol). Suffice to say, anyone involved in helping homeless people who has any kind of association with this ‘campaigner’ needs to be asking themselves some serious questions…

To conclude, if anyone has any reliable intelligence of the grassing up, harrassment or victimisation of EU rough sleepers happening anywhere across the south of Essex, please contact us with the details. If you wish to stay anonymous, we understand and respect that. The expectation that homeless charities will assist the Home Office in these enforced deportations is in our view, the start of the slippery slope to a dangerous situation…


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