Highways England in (yet another) display of sheer arrogance


Highways England are writing to residents in the parts of Thurrock likely to be affected by the proposed Lower Thames Crossing in what appears to be the next stage of the ‘consultation’ that will fix the final route. Highways England have done this without informing Thurrock Council and residents are getting these letters completely out of the blue. We can only imagine how alarmed anyone getting one of these letters landing on their doormat is going to feel. See here for the full story: New Thames Crossing: Outrage as Highways England write to Thurrock residents over survey workhttp://www.yourthurrock.com/2017/02/24/new-thames-crossing-outrage-highways-england-write-thurrock-residents-survey-work/

Given the level of anger about the Lower Thames Crossing that was expressed during the ‘consultation’ process that took place this time last year, you would have thought that Highways England would have learnt some lessons about open and honest communication involving everyone affected by their proposals. That includes letting Thurrock Council know you’re initiating what appears to be another level of consultation on a road and crossing scheme that will have a major impact on anyone living near the route. Now it’s very rarely that we’ll express any sympathy for Thurrock Council but in this instance, we can understand why they’re angered by Highways England effectively going behind their backs.

The issue of the Lower Thames Crossing and the way Highways England have handled the ‘consultation’ so far is about the only one we can think of that has united people in Thurrock right across the political spectrum from us as anarchist inclined community activists all the way round to UKIP. Given the fractious and sometimes bitter nature of local politics, that is some achievement for Highways England! Well, if this latest high handed, arrogant action from them is anything to go by, it looks as though we’re in for another bout of holding their feet over the fire…


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