Allotments going begging – get one while you can!


It used to be the case that there would be a long waiting list for an allotment – well, in Thurrock it appears they’re there for the taking if you want one: Gardening fans encouraged to get an allotment Before we proceed, we’d like to apologise for linking to an article with a picture of a Tory councillor on it – it has to be done because there’s a serious issue at stake here…

We’re very keen on the development of neighbourhood resilience… One of the important aspects of a resilient neighbourhood is having a community garden as a source of fresh food – this also helps in bringing people together and building solidarity. Okay, an allotment isn’t quite the same as a neighbourhood community garden but it’s still a source of fresh food. Why is a source of fresh food in the form of a community garden or allotment important? Obviously, there are the health benefits in that you know what’s been put on the vegetables and other produce that you’ve been growing, the physical exercise and the psychological benefits of being out in the fresh air. As well as this, it’s a source of fresh food that you and your neighbours are in control of…

Any observer of the political, economic and social landscape will understand that we are entering a turbulent and unpredictable period. A combination of sterling being clobbered by Brexit and possible labour shortages in the agricultural sector will lead to food prices going up. Post what will most likely be a hard Brexit with tariffs going on food imports, prices will soar: The Cost Of Food After ‘Brexit’ Now we don’t want to fall into the trap of promoting a patriotic ‘dig for victory’ drive because as anarchists, that’s not our style. What we do want to promote is neighbourhoods and communities doing what they can to protect themselves from the shite that’s coming. Growing your own food is a part of that as it helps reduce dependence on a supply system that will have no choice but to pass on increasing costs, screwing us all in a period of stagnant and declining pay.

Being prepared for what’s coming will help us get through it and leave enough energy to concentrate on what really matters – fighting for a more just, sane and sustainable society. We’re pretty upfront about the need to look and plan ahead rather than panic when the shite does start to hit the fan as it inevitably will. So, it may only seem like a small thing but if a potential source of fresh food under your control in the form of an allotment is going begging, do yourself a favour and get one!


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