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Below are a couple of memes we’ve created in the hope of encouraging some resistance to the wave of social cleansing in the name of ‘regeneration’ across London. Click the link below the image for an A4 PDF of each one. Please feel free to use, share and ideally, implement:)

Broadwater Farm version

Carpenters Estate version


‘Regeneration’ threatens the future of martial arts club

We noticed this story in the Thurrock Gazette with some alarm: 1,000 sign to save martial arts. The Martial Academy based in the old fire station in Civic Square in Tilbury specialises in teaching martial arts and fitness classes and also ensures that disabled and vulnerable people of all ages and abilities have the opportunity to take part in a range of health, wellbeing, and sporting activities. It’s the kind of volunteer run charity that plays a vital role in ensuring community well being and is effectively plugging the gap left by years of austerity that have left social services from local authorities in tatters.

Yet despite all of this, Thurrock Council in their arrogance have informed the Martial Academy that they intend to demolish the current venue but as yet, have made no steps to offer them alternative accommodation. You would have thought that a charity providing a vital service to a local community would receive considerably more in the way of support and encouragement from the council – sadly, that does not appear to be the case.

The good news is that the people of Tilbury are not taking this lying down and are ding what they can to persuade Thurrock Council to ensure that the Martial Academy has a future. A petition that has already gathered over 1000 signatures has been launched – it can be signed here.

Resident direct action getting the job done on Vange Hill

Yet again, local residents facilitated by the Vange Hill Community Group are getting the job done where the authorities have failed. In this case, it was one of those corner plots on the Vange Hill estate in Basildon that was getting the attention. Corner plots designed into the estate with the best of intentions back in the day when there were the resources to maintain them. Corner plots that for years, have been neglected through a combination of the impact of austerity and the incompetence of the authorities. Corner plots where the shrubs have been allowed to grow out and obstruct the path while acquiring a layer of litter (and more dubious items) that never gets cleared because it’s impossible to reach.

Well, that all changed yesterday (Tuesday 19th June) when residents at the foot of Dewsgreen got to work cutting back and trimming shrubs and trees, and clearing a pretty disgusting smelling accumulation of rubbish from underneath them. This is just a start – more work is scheduled to enhance this plot and make it attractive to look at. Something that will boost morale on an estate that has more than its fair share of issues to deal with. What was also pointed out by the volunteers from the Vange Hill Community Group was the role these work parties pay in getting people out of their homes, talking to each other while working together to make their estate a better place to live.

Haringey Labour Council – Meet The New Bosses, Same As The Old Bosses?

This piece came to us via one of our comrades in Haringey. We’re reproducing it here as a graphic illustration of what happens when faith is placed in voting and for newly elected councillors to do the right thing – disappointment inevitably follows. Given the estates in question that now face demolition with communities being broken up and residents dispersed far and wide, we suspect anger will be following this disappointment…

There are serious rumblings of discontent within the ranks of Labour Party members/door knockers/vote beggars in Haringey. Through an indicative vote, over 70% of them showed a preference for an anti-HDV (Haringey Development Vehicle) candidate to be selected as leader of the council. Those members were of course completely ignored by the new ‘left-wing’ councillors which proceeded to choose yet another long-term careerist gravy-train rider – one who has a very patchy record on social cleansing and working with developers, Joseph Ejiofor (Business Development Consultant).

The whole anti-HDV campaign was in effect hijacked by the notion that once we get ‘left wing’ councillors, and once previous leader and scab Claire Kober (now working for property developers) and general housing/regeneration Oxbridge tosser Alan Strickland (now working for property developers) had been deposed, those new ‘left wing’ councillors would act with some integrity. They might actually choose to fight for the people that they are supposed to represent – instead of which, surprise surprise, they’ve all turned out to be spineless wankers who will never stand up and fight the government on cuts or ‘regeneration’ or social cleansing. They will never attempt to mobilise the community in defiance of shit Tory policies. They will continue to play the same dog-eared political games.

In the statement about Broadwater Farm, yet more career minded politicians, mouth the same soul-destroying platitudes and use the same empty rhetoric of ‘regeneration’ and ‘consultation’, as used by Strickland and Kober and countless other Labour clones across London.

The HDV campaign never made serious inroads into the affected estates precisely because it was tied to the Labour Party and the Labour Party on the streets of Tottenham and on those estates after decades of managed decline, is a fucking joke. There was a 38.7% turnout at the local elections in Haringey, which means the tiny minority of the electorate who actually voted Labour, handed power to yet more ambitious, inadequate creatures to run our town hall (actually they’ve sold our town hall and it’s going to be ‘re-imagined’ by off-shore developers as a ‘Boutique Hotel’).

That minority of voters gave them the authority to further flog off our property that was fought for over generations, to parasite developers and greedy bastard landlords. They authorised them to privatise and cut the rest of our services, to raise council-tax to unaffordable levels and to give themselves huge pay-rises. The Labour Party have been in power in this borough for more than 60 years and the end result of a one party state, is a despicable pastiche of what a socialist society should look like.

Fuck the cowards at Haringey Labour Council – they have sold, and will continue to sell, their undemocratic, moribund, arses into total obsolescence.

Direct Action. Mutual Aid. Grass Roots Democracy.

Local authorities wanting to control the narrative

We’ve merged and enhanced a couple of previous posts to come up with this initial analysis of how councils want to control the narrative when dealing with journalists just trying to do their job or residents putting on the pressure to get the services they deserve – the conclusion is that the system of local governance we have is not fit for purpose…

In an ideal world our local councils, officers and councillors alike, would see themselves as the servants of all the residents in the areas they cover. An integral part of that ethos would be a culture of transparency, accountability and a willingness to own up to and learn from mistakes. Well, we can all dream can’t we? As most of you are doubtless aware, the truth is a long way from this ideal. Here are just a couple of examples that illustrate how local councils operate on the basis of wanting to control the narrative. One concerns Thurrock Council’s media strategy that stymies local journalists wanting to ask them difficult questions, the other the refusal of Basildon Council to deal with independent resident groups.

In a recent blog post on Your Thurrock, the leader of the Thurrock Independents, Cllr. Luke Spillman, has taken Thurrock Council to task over the chilling…

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On this day in 1984

From the Working Class History Facebook page

On this day, 18 June 1984, the battle of Orgreave took place when striking miners faced off against thousands of police as they attempted to blockade the Orgreave coking plant. The police showed the lengths they would go to to break the strike, with violent attacks, mass arrests and deliberate but fortunately unsuccessful attempts to fabricate evidence and frame miners. And the BBC reversed footage of miners defending themselves from police attacks to try to pretend police were attacked first. This is a pamphlet about media lies about the miners, written by a striking anarchist miner. If you want to support our work researching and promoting people’s history, please back us on Patreon.